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Works // Paper.Plaster.Cloth

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My drawing always starts the same, whether on paper or on plaster. When the drawing is complete more actions are added to it, in the past parts of the drawing were hidden or erased, and now it is scratched or broken and both. The scratches on the paper or plaster are straight scratches, and the directions are very clear.


The fracturing action is added to the drawing work on the plaster and this confuses the directions of the work. The contours of the fracture at this point construct a new position.


The segment or the fraction becomes a whole, it cancels the previous one and stands on its own as a new work.

All the elements connect in these works, the drawing, the materials and the colors.

The drawing opens to the materials: to the canvas, to the thread, to the plaster and the paper and receives into it all the components together. These have been present in my body of work for many years separately, here they are together, clear, representing who I am as a self-portrait.


The connection between them may seem forced but exists and stands, like me. Each material expresses a different identity and attraction, representing many faces within me.

Colors express the freedom in my works, I grew up without fear of putting any color next to any color and therefore my works are very colorful, they express my mood, the senses and the emotions. The colors and materials together reinforce each other and build my inner world.

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