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‏’Les Regardes | 1996

‘Les Regards’ (1996) was part of 3 installations in an exhibition that summarized a year of research refining  the components of a weaving transmitted to other mediums.  A video with no sound projecting repeatedly five regards over and over imitating the work of weaver.

Looking right, looking ahead, looking left and looking close, the eyes always follows the boat which passes through the warp threads in a meticulous movements. The hands and the eyes are one. Glances looking into the loom but also into the soul of a weaver.

Within my hands | 1998

A video depicting a person harnessed to a task demonstrates flexibility and disability, both physically and mentally. Gestures of endless hand movements with no results evoking in the viewers uncomfortable emotions.

It starts with the artist wearing a white shirt, posing for few seconds and then begins with repeated hand movements of the left and the right arm,  while always keeping a connection point between them.

At the end of the movements, the artist stops for a few seconds and begins the movements again. On the artist figure, filling the full frame, branches of a tree are moving in the wind to the noise of a busy street.

21 Self/Object  | 1999

This video is a mirroring a person describing himself through his objects of a familiar and everyday environment.

The video brings to mind the connection of the person to the objects he gathered around him and asks whether we are just a pile of objects arranged in one order or another? What is the place of objects in our lives? And are they shaping us or are we them?


21 people of different professions,, each sitting in turn in front of a camera and saying the name of the objects surrounding him in a very familiar environment, without description or words of connection. Each remembers in a different way and everyone actually talking about themselves while saying the name of the object they remembered

Chick-Chack | 2000

A video that describes the concept of ORDER, accompanied by a voice that repeats ‘quicklyquickly' (chick -chack). Rayon treads are placed in an imaginary rectangular square on the floor 40x40cm.

The square is filled up with treads until it is fills a perfect rectangular form, at that moment the treads are dispersed and the rectangular disappear.

Laying the treads on the floor is done clockwise and repeatedly.

{NULL} Within a Loom | 2017

A Video mirroring the process of repeatedly assembling and disassembling of a loom.
The parts of the loom are arranged in a certain way in the space during assembling and in a different manner during disassembling. In the disassembling process they are placed on the floor in a symmetrical order, forming a template for creating a non-traditional carpet. It is a farewell ceremony that reflects the concept of order in our personal and social lives.

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