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Forming collaborations, either with fellow artists or other professionals, is another significant aspect of my work. It seems an allegedly trivial process, to which a chronicle foretold: a new idea connects individuals, the enthusiasm sets the creative process in motion and the composition is woven together. But actually it is a complex and fragile act that time is working against: the beginning is obvious, yet separation lurks just around the corner. In other words, there are two points in time which can be discern, even if in retrospect, as the entrance and exit into and out of the collaborative phase, between which processes of connection and dismantling, progression and regression, construction and deconstruction are taking place according to a certain order, tension and rhythm.

If so, it is a meaningful multifaceted process bearing several conflicts manifested in the unnatural, even contradictory bond between the creative act and the collaborative act; while the former is characterized by a personal freedom of choice, the latter requires adjusting yourself to another person. These conflicts are also reflected in the duality of the personal exposure element, which is initially an incentive but could lead to inhibitions down the road. Yet, despite the frictions they cause, those challenges are actually what allures me into the process. Hence, for me the act of collaboration is a case study in itself. Its outcomes are usually appear in the form of artistic products, but as stated above, they are secondary and might be ephemeral, whereas the main part revolves around the shared ideas and the joint effort.

The cooperation in the years 2015 to 2016 - with Hadass Gilboa - Multidisciplinary Artist.  

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